Friday, 9 August 2013

Welcome to FiloCrafts!


FiloCrafts! is the home for beautiful accessories I design for my Filofax personal organiser, Midori Traveler's Notebook, and my other journals and notebooks!

If you know me from my other blog, The Life of the Perpetual Student, you know I love to use my Filofax, Midori and other planners and notebooks! I love to use my planners for time management and organisation, but I also love to make them beautiful!

I believe it's very important to customise your planner so that you will use it more, and better. It's relatively easy to design and print your own self-designed pages for binders such as Filofax, Franklin Covey, Day Timer, or to print pre-designed diary pages or other inserts from the wonderful Philofaxy. Customised inserts for your organiser will increase your productivity, as they will fit your life better.

However, many people love to decorate their planners too! I think this is really important- if the planner is beautiful and stylish to you, then you will use it more! Some people don't want or need to decorate; but for the rest of us, who love looking at and using beautiful pages, stickers, washi tape or pretty accessories, we appreciate that they are both attractive to our eyes, and make our planning more productive, because we want to use our planners more! As Laurie says on her brilliant website Plannerisms, it is very important to pay lots of attention to your planner so that you continue that new planner super-productivity you feel when you first start using a new planner, and the more you use your planner, the more useful it is. For me, and many others, the way to achieve this is to decorate your planner, journal or notebooks!

In this blog I'm going to show you my decorated and beautified FiloCraft! pages and accessories!
I'm really a beginner to paper crafting, so this blog will also chart the improvement in my crafting skills!

I hope you like my blog! If you have any ideas for custom Filofax/Midori accessories for me to make, please email me at! Thanks!